Well Hello There Pagely

I never write here anymore. I keep thinking that I will, and then I don’t, and I should. I know I should. Life has been pretty busy for me for the last year. New job, moved to a Santa Monica with my girlfriend, usual life committments and so on. None are great excuses but c’est la vie. One thing I realized recently was that the only time I have touched this blog as of late, it’s to make sure things are updated. System software, WordPress itself, things of that nature. And that’s not a great use of my time if we’re all being honest here. So instead of managing my own server, I’ve moved things over to the professionals at Pagely. I’ve known Josh Strebel and his lovely wife Sally for some time. They are wonderful, and they run a tight shop. I couldn’t be happier to be here. Hopefully now that I don’t have to think…

What’s to Come After the Ruling on Gay Marriage

Today, the US Supreme court ruled that our Constitution allows same sex marriage. In light of this historic event, I’d like to take a moment and make a brief list of things that will and will not happen as a direct result. I’ll start with the longer list, which is the list of things that will not happen, then I’ll address things that will happen. THINGS THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN NOW THAT GAY MARRIAGE IS LEGAL Civilization as we know it will not crumble around us. Your existing heterosexual marriage will not be invalidated. Democracy will not be replaced as our system of government by socialism, fascism, or anything else. The terrorists will not win. You will not be denied the ability to go to your church of choice or worship as you see fit. Incest will not become legal. Humans marrying their pets will not become legal. Polygamy will…

A Close One

I’m happy that Obama won the election. I don’t think he’s by any means perfect, but I definitely don’t want a commander in chief who believes he’s going to get his own planet after he dies. That said, my happiness about Obama’s reelection is tempered by the fact that the popular vote was almost dead even. As a country, we really are very divided about who we are and where we want to go in the future. It’s going to take a lot of work to achieve the kind of unity we’ll need to make any truly substantive forward progress.

so i put the blog back online

I took the site down for a while as I wasn’t ever posting anything. But now that posting things hasn’t been an option, of course I want to post things. So I’ve put it back up. My interest was in no small part because I’m looking to figure out a pretty idealized hosting setup for a single VPS WordPress installation again. To that end, I’m using a nice modern version of PHP, and I’m running a build of Nginx that has the SPDY patch applied and the Naxsi firewall module added. I’ll be playing around with these over the next few days, if anything interesting comes up I’ll (hopefully) post it here.