Well Hello There Pagely

I never write here anymore. I keep thinking that I will, and then I don’t, and I should. I know I should.

Life has been pretty busy for me for the last year. New job, moved to a Santa Monica with my girlfriend, usual life committments and so on. None are great excuses but c’est la vie.

One thing I realized recently was that the only time I have touched this blog as of late, it’s to make sure things are updated. System software, WordPress itself, things of that nature. And that’s not a great use of my time if we’re all being honest here. So instead of managing my own server, I’ve moved things over to the professionals at Pagely. I’ve known Josh Strebel and his lovely wife Sally for some time. They are wonderful, and they run a tight shop. I couldn’t be happier to be here.

Hopefully now that I don’t have to think about operating this thing anymore, I’ll find some more time to actually write for it.

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