so i put the blog back online

I took the site down for a while as I wasn’t ever posting anything. But now that posting things hasn’t been an option, of course I want to post things. So I’ve put it back up.

My interest was in no small part because I’m looking to figure out a pretty idealized hosting setup for a single VPS WordPress installation again. To that end, I’m using a nice modern version of PHP, and I’m running a build of Nginx that has the SPDY patch applied and the Naxsi firewall module added. I’ll be playing around with these over the next few days, if anything interesting comes up I’ll (hopefully) post it here.


  1. How did Naxsi work out?
    I read all your other posts, but didn’t hear it mentioned again, not sure if that is good or bad.

    On a related note:
    You have written a lot of articles about using nginx extensions like Naxsi, spdy, and a few others. Since with unbuntu (I’m new to this) it seems that you have to compile from source each time or use a custom ppa, what is the best way to keep adding in new modules?

    I want to try Naxsi (if you say it worked good), Spdy, PageSpeed, Cgicache, and a few others, but I don’t see a ppa anywhere that includes everything. So if I follow the directions and install one ppa that has naxsi in it but not spdy, then how do I go about adding spdy?

    While it probably seems stupidly simple to you as an expert, believe it or not, this information is VERY HARD to find on the net, I have so far had no luck. Would make a great how-to for newer users to learn how to add multiple modules to nginx who use unbuntu.

    Love the site btw, I started page 1, read every article till this one, so it’s my last comment. I plan on coming back often to read about your new features and insights.

    • I never got too far with Naxsi. Not that there was anything that seemed bad about it, I just got distracted by other things before I really got my head around everything it does. Seems cool though.

      As for the Nginx / module stuff, the thing to understand is that unlike Apache2, Nginx doesn’t support dynamically loadable modules (yet). I’ve heard this may happen in the 2.x release of Nginx but I have no idea when that might be coming out. So you can’t just “add in” new modules as you need them, you have to recompile all of Nginx. That’s why my packages come in different flavors (nginx-light, nginx-full, and nginx-extras). They differ in terms of which modules are compiled in. If you can’t find a PPA that has the specific ones you want, your best bet is to learn how to make Debian packages and build your own. The ones I make should serve as a pretty good starting point if you want to see how to include or exclude different modules. Good luck!

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