A Plea for iMessage on Android

Hi Apple, Chris here. I’m an infrastructure guy, general technology enthusiast, and longtime user of various products you produce. Much like Apple itself seems to be, I am a proponent of strong cryptography for securing personal data and communications. Given the current technical and political climate, I think I probably speak for many when I say that I’d love to see iMessage available for Android phones.

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Well Hello There Pagely

I never write here anymore. I keep thinking that I will, and then I don’t, and I should. I know I should.

Life has been pretty busy for me for the last year. New job, moved to a Santa Monica with my girlfriend, usual life committments and so on. None are great excuses but c’est la vie.

One thing I realized recently was that the only time I have touched this blog as of late, it’s to make sure things are updated. System software, WordPress itself, things of that nature. And that’s not a great use of my time if we’re all being honest here. So instead of managing my own server, I’ve moved things over to the professionals at Pagely. I’ve known Josh Strebel and his lovely wife Sally for some time. They are wonderful, and they run a tight shop. I couldn’t be happier to be here.

Hopefully now that I don’t have to think about operating this thing anymore, I’ll find some more time to actually write for it.

What’s to Come After the Ruling on Gay Marriage

Today, the US Supreme court ruled that our Constitution allows same sex marriage.

In light of this historic event, I’d like to take a moment and make a brief list of things that will and will not happen as a direct result. I’ll start with the longer list, which is the list of things that will not happen, then I’ll address things that will happen.


  • Civilization as we know it will not crumble around us.
  • Your existing heterosexual marriage will not be invalidated.
  • Democracy will not be replaced as our system of government by socialism, fascism, or anything else.
  • The terrorists will not win.
  • You will not be denied the ability to go to your church of choice or worship as you see fit.
  • Incest will not become legal.
  • Humans marrying their pets will not become legal.
  • Polygamy will not become legal.
  • ISIS will not invade.
  • Capitalism will not be displaced as our primary economic theory.
  • Your right to free speech will not be removed.


  • Gay couples will get married.

I hope you have found this informative. Have a great, rainbow filled day!

Joining Forces With NodeSource

If you’re reading this blog, then there’s a good chance that you make use of my PPA for Node.js. I started making Node packages several years ago because I wanted there to be a consistent way for people to install up-to-date versions of Node on their machines. Not too long ago, Dan Shaw reached out to me to ask if there was anything he could do to help with the PPAs and give back to the effort. I had been looking for a way to ensure that what I’m doing satisfies the needs of Node developers, and also to make sure the project continues to receive the support it needs. We talked about how best to make this happen and decided to move things over to NodeSource from Launchpad. Here’s why.

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Using Proxy Protocol With Nginx

We all know and dearly love Nginx. One very common way to use it is to put it in front of some other application server such as Tomcat, Node, or Tornado as a reverse proxy. About a year ago, Nginx got the ability to proxy WebSockets connections to a backend server that supports them.

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A Production Quality WordPress Configuration Tutorial

The blogging software used to power this site, WordPress, has just had its 10th anniversary. In the last decade it has become incredibly popular, and currently accounts for about 18% of all websites. Due to my job at (mt) Media Temple, I’ve gotten to admin several popular blogs at various times over the years, and thus have a pretty good idea of how to optimize everything for good efficiency. In this WordPress configuration tutorial, I’m going to walk you through the production quality setup that I have for this blog, which makes use of Ubuntu Linux, Nginx, php5-fpm and MariaDB.
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Interested in More About Nginx and WebSockets?

This blog doesn’t get a ton of traffic. At least not currently. But it’s pretty clear from the analytics that my post on proxying WebSockets with Nginx is by far the most popular thing I’ve written about to date. That article was fairly bare-bones, but people seem to find it useful, so I thought I’d just put the question out there: is there anything else related to the WebSockets functionality in Nginx you’d like to get some clarity on? Any examples you might find useful?

If so, please just let me know in the comments, and I’ll do my best to make some new posts covering the areas of interest.