June 26, 2015

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What’s to Come After the Ruling on Gay Marriage

Today, the US Supreme court ruled that our Constitution allows same sex marriage. In light of this historic event, I’d like to take a moment and make a brief list of things that will and will not happen as a direct result. I’ll start with the longer list, which is the list of things that will not happen, then I’ll address things that will happen. THINGS THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN NOW THAT GAY MARRIAGE IS LEGAL Civilization as we know it will not crumble around us. Your existing heterosexual marriage will not be invalidated. Democracy will not be replaced as our system of government by socialism, fascism, or anything else. The terrorists will not win. You will not be denied the ability to go to your church of choice or worship as you see fit. Incest will not become legal. Humans marrying their pets will not become legal. Polygamy will…